Design, comfort, and function are some of the qualities that one looks at as their homes are being built or altered. Interior design evolves and adapts to various needs and other factors surrounding a homeowner’s day-to-day living. Windows are, of course, one of the most important components of a house.

Not only do they provide ventilation and illumination to the house but they also add another layer of design to them. And what we put up on our windows not only adds value and beauty to it but also functions. 

Roller blinds are not only sophisticated but also stylish, versatile, and functional. Let’s learn more about it and how to clean roller blinds properly. 

What are Roller Blinds?

You may know what blinds are and we even know that there is a multitude of them in terms of variety but not a lot of us know what each of them are called. Which ones are called roller blinds?

Well, roller blinds are these single piece of fabric that’s wrapped around its casing and is usually situated on top of window frames on your window or maybe outside of a window recess. Roller blinds are usually operated by a pull cord that is then attached to its bottom part or simply just by the side of a chain mechanism which is then attached to a casing.

Motorized window blinds are nothing new and enable you to operate your blinds remotely. The main advantage of roller blinds is that they are suitable for almost all types of windows and are pretty stylish.

They are perfect Velux windows and skylights alike and they will look really nice on your windows and patio doors depending on your space. 

What are the Benefits of Using Roller Blinds?

There are a ton of benefits to reap as you decide to go with roller blinds instead of any other option for your windows.

Well, first of all, roller blinds are very versatile. Versatile in the sense that you may use it on almost all windows in your house due to its material. It’s actually moisture-resistant so if you’re asking if it may be put on kitchen and bathroom windows then yes, it can be. 

Rollers blinds also provide total blackout so whether you want privacy or need the room pitch black for rest then roller blinds are the best options for you. Roller blinds also come in a multitude of fabrics and colors so you may purchase what’s right for your needs and the aesthetic that you are going for. 

The motorized roller blinds? Very convenient and awesome to just have in the house. There are also roller blinds that are flame retardant and so that should be another selling point for it too. 

They are also some of the quickest and simplest blinds to install and utilize and maintain. Speaking of which, let’s move on to the main topic of our article. Let’s learn how to clean roller blinds!

How to Effectively Clean Roller Blinds

Now that you know all about roller blinds then it’s time to know how to take good care of them so your investment won’t go to waste fast. Not that they’re not durable but anything if not attended to properly deteriorates quickly than desired, right?

  • As mentioned, roller blinds are some of the easiest window garments to clean and maintain. You can go ahead and clean it by using a vacuum cleaner or just simply wipe it down.
  • All you have to do is simply pull down the blinds in their entirety and wipe it down or vacuum clean them. You have to make sure though that you clean the extent of your roller blinds and not just the ones that are usually exposed or get dirt for if you neglect some parts of your roller blinds then you risk discoloration.
  • Your vacuum brush tool should be effective enough to go ahead and remove dust and dirt from your roller blinds. You can go about it by brushing from left to right and back while starting at the top downwards. This should effectively remove a lot of debris like dust and dirt and maybe even a few bugs that have latched themselves on it. 
  • After you’ve vacuumed the entirety of your roller blinds, wiping it down should be more manageable. A damp microfiber towel should work well every time.
  • What do you soak your microfiber towel with? Nothing complicated, really. You can just go ahead and use a concoction of dishwashing detergent as well as lukewarm water. Please, no harsh chemicals as you won’t need it for like 99% of the time given that you diligently clean your roller blinds. Keep it simple with the formula and your roller blinds should fare better. 
  • You may also use a sponge to wipe down your roller blinds and go with the same motion you did with your vacuum cleaner. From the top-down and then move from left and right as you cover its entirety. 
  • Please ensure to work on the spot that is constantly exposed to debris and put a little bit of effort into it and also make sure to always have a schedule for cleaning your roller blinds. 
  • If there’s already tough dirt or stain on the roller blinds then you may go ahead and use stain removals, that should be fine. 
  • And, you’re done! All you have to do now is to let the roller blind extend not curled up so it may air dry. 
  • But wait, there’s more! If you think that your roller blinds need a little more than just some vacuuming or wiping down then you may certainly take it out of its frame and then wash it like you would your curtains.
  • The same process though, vacuum it first to remove any removal debris, soak it in the same lukewarm water and liquid detergent solution for about 2-3 hours, scrub it, and then let it air dry out in the sun if you can. And, you’re done!