Velux Window Blinds

The Best Velux Window Blinds in Dublin

Official VELUX Blinds
VELUX Window Blinds

Velux window blinds are available in a variety of sizes from King Blinds. These blinds come in
several colors and fabrics. They are extremely long-lasting and have excellent shading for your
Velux window. On the inside of each Velux window frame is a special custom code. Since Velux
window blinds are standardized in size and form, using this code makes finding the best match
for your window a breeze. These window blinds are available in a variety of types, including
blackout blinds for complete darkness, roller blinds for comfort, and energy-saving blinds for
heat conservation. These curtains are also available in a variety of designs and patterns to
complement any modern or traditional home and commercial spaces, as well as a variety of
colors to match your room’s color scheme. We also have a unique selection of colorful cartoon-
themed roof blinds for kids. With the light filtering solar skylight blind installed in your home,
direct sunlight is no longer an issue. All that will enter your room is soft, diffused light.

A solar
cell unit is discretely inserted into the control bar for solar skylight blinds, and it controls the
roller blind, which works even during non-daylight hours. A keypad is provided with the blind
for easy use. Velux window blinds in single-pleat and flat fabric are available in both solar and
manual operation in our stores. We also specialize in fitting services and installations for these
curtains. Our veteran affable professionals have been serving the Dublin community for more
than 30 years now and we pride in the trust and the satisfaction we gained from our loyal
customers over this long period. Feel free to call us at our lines at your convenient hours for
consultations and enabling our services or visit us at our showroom for a visual experience. We
are the best blinds brand in the area and our staff is highly trained and carefully selected.

Why Velux Window Blinds are Perfect for You

These window blinds ensure the best blackout for you and save you from direct sunlight when
you need it. In your home spaces, you can attain the most relaxation and deep sleep any time of
the day (or night) with these curtains. In offices, if you need a presentation or any other activity
that requires the complete blackening of the room, these can come in super handy there too. They
are well renowned for their heat reduction, weather resistance, décor, insulation, flexibility,
design, energy efficiency, privacy, quality, and safety, etc. They come in many different colors
and styles, and you can pick your suitable one from our huge collection according to the outline
and color of your room. We have over 40 color combinations for our Velux window blinds with
differing designs. All our blinds are made of top-quality materials, glistening finishing, and the
finest fabrics. Since we also provide you with the repairing services, we basically take full
responsibility for your blinds all the way through once you purchase from us. This means it’s our
job to ensure the complete blackouts for your blinds inside out. Just give us a knock, and we
promise to serve you with the best quality Velux window blinds at the most competitive market

Official VELUX Blinds
VELUX Window Blinds